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May 22nd, 2009

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  1. PsyDei


  2. merks


  3. Kirk


  4. Thomas

    My favorite frame is the 6th one. Looks like he’s about to attack.

  5. Gamervamp

    <.<; does he ever change clothes and also just what will jack do with two days off?! Dunn Dunn Dunnnnnnnn

  6. Gamervamp

    awww i’m uptodate!! *sobs* oh well *adds to online comic bookmarks.* Mondays and Fridays right?

  7. Jamie

    That’s right! Funny you should ask about Jack ever changing clothes… 😉
    Glad you’re enjoying the comic!

  8. Captain Whosit

    Heh, like any good cartoon, the characters always have the same outfit.

    Nice detail on the weekend thing; it hadn’t occurred to me that a homeschooled kid wouldn’t necessarily know the significance of the “weekend.”

    I’ve also started wondering if Max Facepuncher will ever actually meet Jack, or if his desire to meet the kid is going to be an ongoing joke. I think that would be funny.

    Anyway, since it *appears* that Jack is out of imminent danger, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

    Oh, yes, and one comment on the preceding comic: It didn’t seem obvious to me that the chair was summoned, so additional effects would have been nice. However, everyone else who commented seemed to get it, so my point may be moot.

  9. Jamie

    Yeah, if Jack Cannon were a movie, I like to think the chair summon would be one of those really old style cuts where there chair wasn’t there one second and then the next was, and the human characters would look ever so slightly out of place.
    On reflection I could have illustrated that better, but oh well. At least I’m ready for next time.

    And never assume Jack Cannon is out of imminent danger. :)

  10. Vaktraulttup

    Hi, discriminative posts there :-) hold responsible’s recompense the interesting advice

  11. Mikey8152

    Honestly I think the hack-summon should be one second it’s not there then the next it is, have you ever played something like say… g-mod? When you summon something (which can be considered like hacking) it just appears, and just falls a small distance (1-2cm), so if this does get turned into a movie (which i would so totally buy) that with your little 1010101110100011 would be fine for me. =D (*whew* that is probably one of the longest comments I’ve ever done =D)

  12. Banish

    Agreed with Mikey

  13. Biligum

    “And so then weekends were explained to Jack Cannon.”

    “And it was good.”

  14. legowego


  15. Tessa Moo

    It is times like this that i love jack. (so any time hes not fighting.)

  16. Phenoca


  17. Mea


  18. Rez

    Ah, what homeschooling will do to you…

  19. Janet

    Lol! As a Homeschooled student myself, I can sympathize with Jack’s confusion. Excelent caracture of no-weekend-itis there! (although with my family, it is more like we sacrifice our weekend for random midweek breaks!)

  20. SamB

    Huh. It hadn’t occurred to me that a homeschooler wouldn’t know that either… which is odd, because I was homeschooled myself!

  21. RaeMina

    XD This strip rocks.

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