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October 24th, 2008

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  1. FANGIRL #1

    Oooh, powergloves! Sexy! On Jack they would be, anyway.

  2. merks

    ha power gloves OFCOURSE!!

  3. Demented Kat

    fangirl, I am in total agreement and 100% with you on that amazingly true and honest statement! Craig is undeserving of the mighty glory belonging to…the powergloves. (but of course we all know Jack’s gonna kick his arse into Lincoln’s time, smexy-looking gloves or not! xD)

  4. Andeh

    hah freakin’ power gloves. totally didnt expect that at all xD

  5. Banish

    Know what would be amazing right now? The nintendo zapper. Just saying.

  6. *.*.*.

    If you want to say the fangirl word ‘smexy’ and the old-school geek god of punching word ‘power-gloves’, next to each other, then get out.

  7. Serenity

    Smexy. Power-gloves.

    It was just too tempting to pass up.

  8. BlueKnightOne

    Quick! Call Fred Savage and Luke Edwards! We must travel to LA to win the the Super Mario Bros. 3 tournament!

  9. killamantanna

    the tree is pissed that jack didnt celebrate arbour day

  10. SLuser

    lawl i remember that in Secondlife, we have a version of the power glove. it looks like a NES controller attached to your arm. and you get to hit people with 8 bit projectiles.

  11. zack

    good god i hoped i was wrong…. well i guess not!
    wait… didnt the powerglove suck some major ass?

  12. Demon Toaster

    I love the powerglove, its so… bad.

  13. SamB

    You know what’s even cooler than a zapper? A *grey* zapper!

  14. TacoTown

    of course

  15. CyberSkull

    I figured that would be the glove in question. Utterly useless, but they look so freaking cool!

  16. Joe Whitehead

    So tempted to post the Youtube link to a certain video game nerd’s take on the Power Gloves. Hint: They sucked only slightly less than getting Robbed. 😀

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