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October 20th, 2008

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  1. Banish

    I just wanna say: arse vs ass? Arse has way more comedic value and highland charm, but ass is more… Effective in these situations.
    This has been another lesson from a needlessly nerdy individual.

  2. Banish

    Thats a whole lotta arse so far in this comic =p

  3. Shroomi

    British spellings ftw! Or Canadian maybe, I wouldn’t know. Either way, awesome. As is every other part of this comic I’ve read so far!

  4. killamantanna

    yes creig was once a sufferable ass

  5. RaeMina

    I love how he just starts climbing trees

  6. jmkool

    That climbing trees and doing random distracting things while people are talking to him is how you know he’s a homeschooler.

    Our minds just multitask on a level you other’s can’t comprehend.

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