Page 492
October 14th, 2016

Page 492


  1. PaperArtillery

    Oh my gods, it’s back and I had no idea for the past few months! YESSSSSSSS.

  2. CalvinCopyright


    Wait, I thought you switched away from color because it took too long?

    Also, why does every single page of this comic make me want another page?

  3. Ty

    Max! Just an observation, but he’s become less simian-like as the comic has progressed. It’s really just his muttonchops/sideburns that have lessened in volume.

  4. Robin of Loxley

    Fabulous Colour ^^

  5. Jamie

    I did switch from colour to black and white to save time but I figured, it already takes a while to do, so I might as well switch back. Also I kinda missed colour.

  6. Joeflow

    My birthday is soon so this is an early birthday gift

  7. Wol

    So Much Color!

    I dig the Holo book thingy.

  8. scott

    Wow, wonderful color and an UPDATE too! Yippie!

  9. Disloyal Subject


  10. shadowinthelight


  11. Dave

    …did Max get suddenly beefy? XD

  12. Sandman366

    Wow. That IS news. (That there’s only one thing that’s been bugging him, I mean.)

  13. Ether

    Ooo-ooo, color, Crystal, Max and plot!

  14. Halosty

    Oh man this is updating slightly more regularly again? I haven’t checked for a few months! 😛

  15. shadowinthelight

    “Oh man this is updating slightly more regularly again?”
    Yes, Jamie is not dead. No Christmas Shark this year, however. :(

  16. Ether

    I still believe in this comic.

  17. Jamie

    It will continue. I don’t really have a work space at the moment, but I’ll be getting back into making comics in a few months. I can’t bear to leave this thing unfinished!

  18. Robin of Loxley

    @Jamie … Excellent!! Great News !!!!

  19. Saving Money Daily

    Saving Money Daily

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  20. Lyn

    Jamie, I’m glad to hear it’ll be continuing. I started following you way back in the Jamie and Nick days. I think my first reaction when I was reading the comic was “Wow, this is surprisingly good. I wonder who the author is? …he’s FOURTEEN? HOW?!” I’d been expecting something like early university age for the silly but fun plotline, and was thoroughly impressed. I remember following you to… uh…. that one comic you did after J&N, that you left shortly thereafter, that I can no longer remember the name of…

    And then “So Now I Hate The Moon”. And I remembered how excited I was, because while being completely different, it had the same overall lighthearted tone of Jamie & Nick, with more mature writing. Jack Cannon has not disappointed at all, and I still enjoy reading the archives of both this and the original J&N, so even if you never finish it, I’m still happy to have ever found your work in the first place.

  21. Jamie

    Lyn, I have to say, this really made my day! I don’t often hear how my comics have affected people, but then I do it gives me so much motivation! All I can really say is thank you so much for reading! it means so much to me! Especially after all this time! Keep your eyes peeled in the next couple months!

  22. Goon

    Coming up on one year of no updates to this comic, and i’m still checking everyday. Hoping for something on the anniversary maybe??

  23. MitterMak

    I’ve been frantically googling “webcomic hackers big eyebrows” for days, super stoked to find this again and amazed to see you’ve kept it alive all this time! Amazing stuff!

  24. Ooorah

    I’m still hoping for a Christmas shark. C’mon Santa, I’ve been good.

  25. WildBro

    So, is this webcomic dead? That’s a shame. I was really getting into this!

  26. Nimm

    MitterMak Same but “Jack Facepunch Adventures” (I’m a little embarrassed to say that though.

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