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August 25th, 2016

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  1. CptNerd

    Well, I’m certainly shipping them like FedEx…

  2. MeSSiaH


  3. The Aussie Bloke

    I said it before, I’ll say it again.


  4. Zebcuson


  5. grayfoxpianist


  6. shadowinthelight

    Kiss her, you fool!

  7. maarvarq

    I’m a little surprised she didn’t go straight in for the kiss.

  8. Jollie McFun

    Friendship Hug.

    Dollars to doughnuts Jack goes “AAAHH! What Are You Doing?”. Being hugged suddenly by a pretty girl would be startling to any teenage boy, especially one that has been home-schooled with limited exposure to other children. I’m not saying that he wouldn’t like it though.

    On a separate subject, now that you ( Jamie Anderson ) are based in Canada, will you be changing the Christmas Shark to a Christmas Bear?

  9. Ooorah

    Jollie, I will be so angry if Jack pulls that stunt. Hug time is sacred, and never to be interrupted by sheltered backgrounds.

  10. Flaming Squirrel

    Jollie, “Waaaah, are we married now?! Are you pregnant? I’M NOT READY TO BE A DAD!!!”

  11. Dave

    But I shipped him with Cindy. ;~;
    Cindy’s kinda disappeared since the bubble thing though, so like… XD

  12. Jollie McFun

    As soon as I posted that comment, I knew I made a mistake. I based my prediction on what I imagined a real-life boy might do, without really thinking about it. Different people react in different ways. But this being a webcomic, it’s the author’s vision that dictates the reactions of the main character. For all I know, Jack will go all “James Bond” on her. (-in Connery’s voice, or a reasonable impression of- ‘Why, Angel, I didn’t know you cared.’ -tilts head down to kiss her; screen fades to black).

  13. Nuf

    Yea, it was kinda… rude… to just ditch him way back in the day.

  14. Jon(swe)

    Wee! your back! haven’t checked the comic for some time! So happy your back and running!

  15. Nezumi

    CptNerd: Inefficiently and at a needlessly high cost?

  16. thelampknowsall


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