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May 1st, 2015

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Remember the time that Twitter and Facebook?


  1. Ooorah

    Hahaha, awesome. I kind of forget who knows what around here. It’s funny to be reminded that Max, who’s been obsessing over this for a while, didn’t know this.

  2. UKNinja

    Like Ooorah said, it’s getting kinda difficult to keep track of who knows what.
    How does Jack know about this?

  3. shadowinthelight

    Someone is getting facepunched for not telling him.

  4. Savail

    UKNinja, if I recall correctly, Jack learned that his father used to work at ME with Principal Harvey. I think that was when it was also mentioned to him that his Mum used to work there, too.

  5. Savail

    Prrbt, apparently it won’t accept links. Anyway, I had it wrong. It’s actually right before Jack goes into spaaaaaaaaaaaaace in the pages for 02/18/2011 and 02/21/2011 (pages 267 and 268).

  6. UKNinja

    Oh I see it now. Thanks for the info ^^

  7. Jan

    I know they are called Mega Intelligence, but all we see them do is run around and punch people. In the face!

  8. GusWhat

    miiiiinor slip of the tongue, there Jacky-boy.

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