Page 448
April 17th, 2014

Page 448


  1. Luna

    No Miles! Dont do it!

  2. shadowinthelight

    Silly girl, you can’t save someone who’s already dead.

  3. armadillo

    An update! An updaaaaaate! A horribly effective and sad update. That last panel makes the page. Emotion is captured perfectly. And while I know you’ve heard this from other readers… THAT COLOR. TOO GOOD.

  4. Ryexander

    No! Miles Don’t do it!

  5. Derkins

    aww :C

  6. CyberSkull

    All caught up again!

  7. newllend(voidSN)

    Shit I’m up to date Damn it.

  8. zangetsu675

    i literaly left this comic alone for a full year after finding it after page 432 was put up. it is over a ful year later and i come back to only 16 new pages, the last of which wasposted over a mounth from the day im posting this. this is not cool and no matter how good the story is it can not be justified by the sapardic updates and constant delays and slow pacing. i do realize that this is in no way your primary source of income but you do have an audience base who would like to see this story unfold but never will as they walk away frustrated at the lack of material.

  9. Jamie

    Sorry about your frustrations, but the fact of the matter is this comic is a 100% passion project; I hardly get any funding from it, (I think I might get some very small ad revenue every six months or so) and I’m currently in my third year of university. Usually I only have time to work up updates when I’m on mid-semester break, (which is coming up soon, so look forward to that.)

    I would love, love, love to be able to provide constant updates like I used to but pages take more time to do than before and my studies have to take priority and I shouldn’t have to a apologize for it.

    If you’d like to keep in the loop as to when I update then you can follow the Facebook page at or my twitter account at
    Both are used almost exclusively for announcing comic updates.

  10. legowego

    started reading many years ago, just barely getting back into it now, I must say I still love the comic! can’t wait to see the next page

  11. Scott

    I haven’t checked the comments in a while, thanks for the explanation. I’ll keep checking daily, looking forward to the next update.

    I hope School is going well.


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  13. Rose

    Looking forward to the next update, whenever it may be. (: I miss reading the comic, but hey, priorities. You have them straight.

  14. Speedy

    Follow him into the fire, girls. It can’t hurt you, and you might see a supressed memory of an assasin sneaking out the back with Miles.

  15. Speedy

    Jamie, is there any chance you could go back to black & white (or even pencil sketches)? The story matters more to us than the way it’s presented. You could always go back and make the pages pretty later.

  16. g_thor

    While I am sad that there is a delay, I don’t want you to lose your passion for the comic. I will wait patiently for when you are free (time-wise and mentally) to move the story ahead. I appreciate that sometimes life gets in the way of doing what we want.

    Is it possible to post some form of notification under the latest page saying, “Help! I’m a third year university student and I’ve gotten trapped under a punishing workload!”, or something to that effect?

    Anyway, I appreciate sharing in your passion with you. All the best.

  17. HatePlow

    I am sad to say that I’m going to have to remove this comic from my bookmarks and forget about it. If it’s not going to update for several months then I have no interest in following it. Goodbye.

  18. Brandenfascher

    I’d suggest not to loose track of your favorite comics just because of hiatus or delays, even severe ones. It doesn’t hurt to do something like keep a bookmark folder for hiatus comics that you can check back on over time, and at some point you may be pleasantly surprised. No Need for Bushido had a good 1-2 year or so hiatus, but came back in much updating glory this year. I’m glad I had kept checking back on them after all that time.

  19. Sandman366

    Yeah, studies….are supposed to take priority. A promise to get back to this eventually will hopefully sate people for a while…if they read comments….

  20. Squall

    @zangetsu675 – Pay him enough to make this his actual career and I’m sure he’ll gladly update multiple times a week.

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