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February 8th, 2013

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  1. grayfoxpianist

    Well, if nothing’s physically wrong with him, he probably just has Protagonist Hypersomnia where after an arc, the hero has to recover from his wounds and will sleep for several weeks to months (e.g., Yusuke Urameshi, Son Goku). I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.
    Also also, Jamie, *it’s again in the first panel, haha. I need no The Prize this time :)

  2. Thenindiel of rivendell

    Wake up already!

  3. SomeUnregPunk

    Well Jack is a boy and this is comic… so maybe he needs a kiss from a lady. … or a punch by facepuncher.

  4. Well of Three Features

    @SomeUnregPunk, definitely a punch from a facepuncher.

  5. FadeIntoFlame

    Jack what are you doing? Don’t you have fancy adventures to be going on?

  6. Sanddunee

    Not really related to this but are you ever going to update the archive page? It’s been bugging me for awhile.

  7. Xel Unknown

    @Sanddunee: Yeah I hope that happens too.

  8. The Flaming Squirrel

    This doesn’t really have anything to do with this page, but I just want to say that I’m looking forward to when Jack and co. meet up with Craig again, and he not have any idea who they are because of the memory wipe :)
    … assuming that’s going to happen, which it very well may not.

  9. shadowinthelight

    @SomeUnregPunk, a sleeping beauty kiss may work but it would be pretty awkward in front of his parents. 😛

  10. DukeGod

    @SomeUnregPunk: I know some people hoping for a kiss from a facepuncher

  11. Draconia Crystalis

    @DukeGod: I could totally see Max and Crystal coming in, Max tripping on Crystal’s scarf, and BOOM. CannonxFacepuncher smooching. Would be freaking hilarious.

  12. shadowinthelight

    “CannonxFacepuncher smooching”
    THAT would be a scary slash fic. “You’ve punched me… in the heart…”

  13. wr4ith0

    Jack’s such a jerk…

  14. Huh?

    Op, she’s gonna sneak a kiss…………… dang I wasn’t the first to call it…..

  15. jmkool

    nah, kissing would be too cliche, that’s not how I read the situation. I am left wondering what will wake him, though.

    But hey, at least he got his spotlight back!

  16. wwlaos

    Clearly he just isn’t having enough knives thrown at him. He needs that motivation to get up.

  17. mrtt

    Nothing wrong physically? wasn’t he bleeding from his ears and eyes as he was passing out?

    Also, left us on quite a cliffhanger with the story of his parents.

  18. ralanr

    Just classic hero sleep. When he wakes up he’ll be good as new. With maybe something new for him

  19. SomeUnregPunk

    or ranlanr, this is just a setup for the introspective dream journey that some heroes in fiction goes through.

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