page 415
December 10th, 2012

page 415

I missed colour, so…


  1. Geb

    Back to the present. Time to see the fallout and some explanations

  2. Iki

    “Give it to me straight, doc… Will I still be able to punch faces?”

  3. ASP

    @ Iki: Max Facepuncher will ALWAYS be able to punch faces! Even if he lost both his arms!

  4. Luna

    Yes! COLOUR!!! THANK YOU!!!

  5. shadowinthelight

    Yay, color! It’s like leaving Kansas and getting to Oz.

  6. Reynard-Miri

    @ASP: True. He’s probably just learn to punch things with his face… if he hasn’t already.

  7. Frostbite4.0

    @Reynard-miri: that gives “facepuncher” a whole new meaning

  8. James

    Finally back to COLOUR !!!! ; D

  9. Well of Three Features

    I really enjoyed the black and white for the flashback, but color is perfect for the present. (:

  10. SilentSooYun

    …so you set today’s comic in white-walled hospital with white doors and white bedding? 😉

  11. yoshierider

    We’re in the present again!

  12. alurker

    Well, you took a lot of damage – lost a lot of blood… But we DID manage to save your eyebrows.

  13. shadowinthelight

    alurker, his eyebrows were never in danger. Even when Max is dead and gone, they will still be here.

  14. Mike

    If you ever return to the flashback you should keep it black and white

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