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April 2nd, 2012

Page 372

“Maybe don’t let the prisoners escape.” -Jack Cannon, Security Expert.


  1. SmashFiles

    Jack has the most inspirational sayings o:

  2. Sharkie

    If only most media sources that try and hold prisoners followed his amazing ideas for the future, people wouldn’t escape so often and stuff

  3. gangler

    That look of contentment he gets on his face in the last panel is what I imagine Nirvana looks like.

  4. Ventnor

    Unfortunately, Jack, Craig appears to be a recurring villain.

    Jail just doesn’t seem to hold guys like that.

  5. McBob

    Jack would make a helluva politician. He’d be a strong reminder of why the long table between the government caucus and the opposition in Parliament is just wide enough to keep two men with swords from quite reaching each other. 😀

  6. Ignis

    The only reason he got out last time is because his mutant friend was the only person with rational human emotions at the time of the big raid. If he hadn’t been around, Greg would have stayed locked up where he belonged.

    At the same time, the only reason that Max is still alive, that Gavin is “dead”, and that the hackers are, for the most part, shut down is the fact the Craig was released by his good intentioned mutant friend. Doesn’t condone what Craig has done, but things could arguably be worse had he never seen the light of day again.

    I agree with Jack though – bastard is growing more deserving of a “And I Must Scream” ending, and needs to be restrained for a greater portion of his remaining lifespan.

    Reference here:

  7. The Aussie Bloke

    Cut to Angel crotch-stomping Craig for good measure.

    And for giggles.

  8. grayfoxpianist

    Craig got knocked the hell out. He’s been unconscious for several hours now, I’d imagine.

  9. Dyne

    I’m amazed that Craig didn’t wake up. Well, that’s just how it goes.

  10. Airedar

    The deepest irony:
    While updating twice a week, your webcomic has routinely occupied the “not in my top ten” category, alongside Penny Arcade, Darths and Droids, and El Goonish Shive. Not because it lacked quality, but because you’re dealing with some RIDICULOUSLY good webcomics. But now that it’s in a once schedule… I don’t know. I’m torn, man. I’m torn.

  11. Airedar

    Once a WEEK schedule. What is this words you speak of?

  12. Warren

    Maybe treating the half-conscious villain with a little more care would be a good idea?
    Waking him up now when trying to escape a rapidly disintegrated giant space station is a good way to get yourselves killed.

  13. SovietCommissar

    I’m going to have to be a typical guy and point out that Angel gets better and better-looking with time. Haha.

    That said, I am most intrigued by this telepotato thing they’re about to try out – hacked up, or a real teleporter? And/or will they end up where they’re intending is fun to think about, seeing as transporter malfunctions in the Star Trek universe could send one to a parallel dimension while replacing you in yours with a gender-reversed evil twin.

  14. Meaty

    *Spikes through his heart*
    *Beaten to near death*
    *Skin ripped of arm*
    “Alright, don’t baby me.”
    ~Max Facepuncher

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