Page 173
March 8th, 2010

Page 173

Really sad that I didn’t get to have Jacks dad complain about all these punks on his lawn.

New vote incentive is up! Today its a picture of Crystal! Her scarf is always cool to draw, since it give logic the finger like, all the time.

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  1. sanddunee

    heeeeeey I’ve got an apron just like that

  2. Redryll

    Love how Grin just ducks. That makes her a smart hacker by my books. I now have a favorite hacker, just due to her common sense there.

  3. Dezy



    (and aprons)

  4. Jackrabbit

    Sorry Lipbite, you’re just not genre savvy enough.

  5. Bec

    haha loooove the apron :)

  6. Gnauga

    Don’t worry, he can complain about these punks’ unconscious bodies on his lawn after a fight scene or two.

  7. Lordofufools

    There not even trying there just getting the living shit kicked out of them

  8. Merks

    Hell yes!

    Crazy eyes!

  9. Stig Hemmer

    And in the battle between Few and Many, Few wins, like always.

  10. Plonk

    And again, the hacker masks’ expressions fit.

    I wonder… assuming Jack (and Max!) go up against Gavin face-to-face, if they piss him off enough, might he end up hacking his ‘mask’ to the point where it acts as a real face? But, like, y’know, with a hundred gajillion teeth and wicked-evil pissed off glowy eyes and all.

    Yet he’d still talk in an emotionally detached manner and maybe even comment on how he disliked the glowing eyes on Frankie and how it relates to his current appearance.

  11. TVT

    Nice- the TWC button’s captcha thing was an image of Max Facepuncher. Doube wins for awesome.

    Anyway, I have no idea what Grin’s hair is doing in the last panel BUT SO WHAT JACK’S DAD IS AWEXOME HERE PAY IT NO MIND

  12. marca311

    Jack’s dad with a kiss the cook apron! Pink none the less!!!
    This is even better than I ever could have imagined!
    I still wished their door opened outward so lipbite could have had a lip whack.
    *makes random noises for half an hour while parents call insane asylum*

  13. Kellins

    awe man, Jack’s dad didn’t even give Lip Bite a chance to make a snappy answer. Man, for a sense of wanting to just burning the house down…”tactically” You’d think he’d have a book or ready comebacks for any situations.
    Guess he barely passed minion school.

  14. Swot

    The page is just win.

  15. Goomantyler

    Haha I find it awesome that the only ones being attacked are the ones with the perfect expressions for it =D
    Great page!

  16. taltamir

    so! AWESOME!

  17. A Ninny Mouse

    I read the archives in two days, and I absolutely love this comic.

  18. Skan

    hey only real men wear pink! heh, dominic deegan

  19. Arch Angel

    KNIVES 😀 Now, where’s Max?

  20. Ramani-Rayne

    I’m lovin’ the apron there, Mr. Cannon.

  21. Crestlinger

    Must be fun when the Jehovahs try to visit.

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