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February 15th, 2010

Page 167

Really Gavin, who talks like that?

Vote incentive today is that Crystal picture I showed you before but only now it’s all finished!  Vote to see!


  1. LtFusion

    Interesting…someone who actually gets Gavin to concede…

    And the incentive pic is awesome. I; A: want to see the picture of her, Max, and Caesar in normal size; and B: I want a Max bobble head!

  2. Alectric

    Crystal’s shirt is like a female version of Max’s. What could that mean?

  3. LtFusion

    I think it means that it’s time for Jamie to make a few shirts on cafe press to sell…

    (I want part of the revenue due to being the brainchild of this idea 😀 )

  4. alurker

    Gavin has an underling that can talk back to him? Clearly a skilled underling. Valuable. Or, judging by the last response, just interesting enough to tolerate?

  5. Ventnor

    Of course, Gavin could just be lying to her as well.

  6. Kellins

    “the same thing we do every ni-”
    Oh wait, wrong show. Really, the red eyes was too much? That’s all. Haven’t they heard that “Looks aren’t everything”? Like anyone is fond of the mouth tongue thing either.
    Oh and the incentive pic, very cute and relaxed.

  7. merks

    Did you see that second Gurren Laggan movie? Now that was hacking!

    Also Crystal may be wearing Max pjs but she is totally looking for Jack photos on the web

  8. Inatervo

    I’m starting to see a sinister side of Gavin show through his passive demeanour, and he kinda scares me!

    Good villain!

  9. Katrika

    Gavin has always scared me.

  10. Jamie

    @merks: That hacking was amazing.

  11. Derecho

    To everyone that’s pointing out Grin’s showing to be important…. Of course she’s important! She’s the first female hacker!!!

  12. Swot

    @ Derecho: Now that’s just sexist.

  13. Ventnor

    She’s important because it’s clear that Gavin trusts her with important jobs.

    Like hacking into the human genome to create horrible, flesh-tearing mutants.

    In fact, one may say that she’s a little TOO good at her job.

    That one being Gavin.

  14. Derecho

    it’s not sexist, it’s a comic character stereotype!

  15. tailman

    well i think gavin just tricked grin into leaving frankie as a monster.

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