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November 30th, 2009

Page 146

Yikes. Guess that thing isn’t just cosmetic.

Oh hey guy, I signed Fancy Adventures up to TWC. Don’t vote today or anything because, you know, it’s the last day of the month, but hey! If you come back on TUESDAY and help kick off the voting then you will be treated to the as of yet unseen cut first page of Jack Cannon. WOAH! That sounds so good I will come back tomorrow and


Thanks guys!

Oh, also! Turns out someone started a Fancy Adventures page on TV Tropes! Whoever that was, you are awesome 😀


  1. alurker

    yup, called it. Scarf power wins!

  2. Jamie

    Good call!

  3. Demented Kat

    Poor Max, he’s so disappointed.

  4. Daisend

    Aww. I’ve finally caught up.

  5. Captain Whosit

    I knew it. I knew the scarf had mystic, evil powers. Sounds like I wasn’t the only one to make that guess. Now the question is: Is the scarf simply animated, or does it also have unnatural tensile strength?

    Not that I want a scene change just yet, but I am a little curious to know how the other students and the faculty are responding this all this ruckus. Angel and Cindy seem to be important to Jack’s morale, but they also seem to be rather helpless, so I’m still not sure what kind of role they will play in the story. Hopefully not damsels in distress, though.

    I also wonder how many times Crystal has used that power on Max.

  6. Splox5

    I also knew that the scarf would be involved, but I didn’t think it was supernatural, I just thought she would use some martial art scarf technique.

  7. Rakurai

    The scarf wins. And also, I really love the reflection in Crystal’s eye.

    @Captain Whosit: I am wondering the same thing about Max and Crystal.

    @Jamie: Voting on Tuesday :) Vote count: 2 (so far)

  8. Kellins

    Guess she never has to worry about being cold in the winter.

  9. PsyDei

    either psychic powers or just powers over scarves I guess? lmao

  10. Thementalhyuuga

    Wow…scarf girl got mad skizzles! Oh and i’m totally voting for this comic it just gives me somthing to look forward to at the beggining and end of my week

  11. Kazmohdim

    I’m lost…

    Sorry scarf thing was a little random for me. It made me lol thought so i guess its good 😀

  12. Chirigami

    Well, she could be a benign hacker, guys. xD Or maybe she has a hacked scarf… Which she controls… Or something xD
    Voted, a little late, but still voted. 😀

  13. Captain Whosit

    @Chirigami: I don’t think she’s a hacker. So far, there have been telltale 010101s when hacking is occurring. It’s possible that the scarf is “hacked,” but I’m not really sure how the mechanics of that work in this universe, so we will probably have to wait for the authors’ explanation.

  14. FANGIRL #1

    Oh, so the girl’s not allowed to be a fighting badass. Noo. She has to have a Stupid Super Power like a fucking ninja scarf.

    There better be a good explanation for this, Jamie, because as much as I like Dixie Kong, this is ridiculous.

  15. Deadly Elixir


  16. Dreaddrake

    @ FANGIRL #1-She DID say she was restraining him not fighting him so the scarf works-btw been reading a while keep up the good work ^_^

  17. Q

    wow i guess that improbably long scarf actually DID have magical powers

  18. Hunter Kirizaki


  19. Mizuhashi Parsee

    Possessed scarf ftw! =D

  20. not_the_chosen

    COOLIST F##KING SCARF EVER!!!!! *cough* I mean… nice.

  21. DaKirbinator

    Hahaa! Scarf power!

  22. Sio

    Cool. Crystal and Valkyrie Yuuki should get together and trade tips on magic scarf and ribbon techniques.

  23. Sio

    Before you ask:

  24. jfiles2011

    Ever seen Soul Eater?
    good show, the scarf looks the kishins

    I am thoroughly enjoying this, btw

  25. I like puns

    To intent on SCARFING down the heros, the monster ended getting FELT up.

  26. Zaehlas

    Now, the big question is, how do we rank the scarf power? Crystal the Texpert, Doctor Who, Where’s Waldo, and Harry Potter. Hmm.. so many kinds of awesome scarf power out there.

  27. Plue9

    Must make new word soft+awsome=sofume
    soft minus t plus the o gets changed to u in awsomes pluss me
    and you get. SOFUME the only word that can deskribe crystals

  28. dreysabriel

    @Sio oh man agreed. That was literally the first thing I thought of when I saw this page. I was lucky I didn’t find myself whispering “Maiden Valkyrie Ensare!” When I saw this… >.<

  29. Elkian


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