Page 132
October 12th, 2009

Page 132

I swear the next page will have words.


  1. Admiral Dread

    That has to be the most effective anti-smoking campaign I’ve ever seen.

  2. dasQ

    Spy check quickly, no one talking! there must be a spy!!!

  3. Luvlyjujbblies

    Gotta say,one of the most randomly awesome webcomics i have read. Right up there with LICD and lfg. Nice work man keep it up!!!

  4. merks

    dr mcninja cameo! nice also dogs rule cracked me up

  5. Beanjamish

    Dogs. They rule.

  6. Jamie

    Dogs DO rule!
    Try making that poster at home yourselfs using:
    1) your dog
    2) Sweet thumbs up
    3) a camera

  7. rakurai

    Truthfully, the only webcomics I keep up with are The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon and Dr. McNinja – this is the best of both worlds :)

  8. Johnny Whoa

    Sad Jack is sad.
    Also, nice Dr. McNinja cameo.

  9. ZesuBen

    Poor Jack, sittin’ alone in his maths. :(

  10. PsyDei

    wtf!, is that dr, mc ninja? lolz.

  11. Thementalhyuuga

    Ahhh Dr.McNinja he always gets the point across dosent he?

  12. rakurai

    Jack: [thinking] This isn’t my notebook…

  13. reynard61

    “I swear the next page will have words.”

    Actually, this one says more with it’s silence than if it had had wall-to-wall exposition or dialogue. Poor Jack…

  14. Kazmohdim

    Lol at the TF2 reference in the anti-smoking poster.

  15. ThatGuy

    This page seems remarkably sad, but in a good way.

  16. Noni

    Awesome comic! I’m so glad I stumbled on a good Aussie webcomic XD

    BTW what school did you go to to get these decorating ideas lol

  17. Jamie

    The school is kinda a combination of Claremont High and Claremont College.

  18. Jamie

    I guess I should mention too that they are Tassie schools :)

  19. Jonny

    Wow, i want the poster on a shirt…

  20. Crasty

    I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

  21. EPIC WIN

    you put in a dr mcninja poster!

  22. I like puns

    OMG DR McNinja!
    EPIC WIN is right (& i missed it the first time too.)
    that made my day.

  23. Bendago


  24. Plue9

    The dr needs anew motor sycle less evil one any ways

  25. Watches Seemed

    Watches Seemed

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