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August 31st, 2009

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  1. Samurai of Oblivion

    Max is very interesting.

    Him and his facepunching.

  2. Mek

    Just stumbled upon this today…

    this is the greatest thing in my life XD

    also, typo in the last panel =<
    [unless he is just speaking that way, of course

  3. Thementalhyuuga

    I’d be interested, HEACK i wouldn’t be ablw to turn away…..his eyebrows are just so…..mesmurizing (prolly spelled theat wrong lol)

  4. Demented Kat

    ‘Waaa? But I’m so interesting!’ Like the words alot, but Max’s face….soooooo cuuuute! ^u^

  5. Phat

    He’s modest too.

  6. *.*.*.

    Ugh, fangirls are worse then evil. They’re so evil the master sword can’t touch them. ._.

  7. Mizuhashi Parsee

    Found out about this comic today. Never thought I’d be glad to have clicked on the wrong link by accident.

    Max is pure awesome! :3

  8. randemnoTE

    i like jack’s face in the 3rd and 4th panel. they’re funny :)

  9. Rags

    Max is in tree, resting…

  10. Elkian

    He liked paint chips as a kid, didn’t he?

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