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June 5th, 2009

Page 95

I like how Max acknowledges that Crystal doesn’t like being kept out of the loop, then totally keeps her out of the loop.


  1. Beanjamish


  2. Dekker

    im sorry, this is were i draw the line; this is the awesome line. any more and my head will explode.

  3. Demented Kat

    What in….oh shi-

  4. Gamervamp

    May I be scared? May I be very, very scared of whatever that insanely, huge eyebrow freak is going to do? I mean really, how had no made a comment on those huge…. I don’t think there is a word for those type, not even Gai-sensei or Rock Lee has eye brows THAT big…. Now I’m even more scared.

  5. Gamervamp

    I think the only eye brows that freak me out as equally as much would be Biff’s here———————————————————————————>

  6. Jamie

    Hahaha, they should have an eyebrow fight.

  7. StoodsHus

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  8. Chili

    “We’ve approaching him now.” D:

    Other than that, update faster! This is getting interesting!

  9. Jamie

    Oh man, whoops! Thanks for pointing that out, all fixed now. :)

  10. Galamere

    Just stumbled onto this comic and i’m loving it thus far, never thought about super hackers like that, fun.

    Did see one typo tho, minor, dont like to nitpick, but it caught my eye.

    in the caption here you said that she doesent like to be kept out of the loop, but in the line it self it says
    ‘I know you dont work for ‘mega intelligence’ because you like to be kept out of the loop.’

  11. Jamie

    I’m not sure what you’re saying, do you feel that the sentence isn’t constructed properly or something?

  12. This is a name

    This comic has a lot going for it: the art is very alive and the dialogue is always flowing and hilarious. I really like it.
    I am having trouble accepting that Crystal and Max work for this police-state-thing-organisation and they don’t look much older than Jack and the girls. But, that’s this comic’s style, I guess. I dunno, it just gets to me. That and the lack of dresscode. Well – it just seems unprofessional to me. (I guess you can wear whatever you want when your name is Maximum Facepuncher – but Crystal?)
    Also, will we soon hear something about Jack’s brother? Was it Miles his name was?

  13. Gamervamp

    First: WOOHOO!!! Max VS Biff EYEBROW FIGHT!!!! YESSS~

    This is a name~
    All the important characters break dress code rules, its like a huge comic rule that they look important by NOT looking important enough to have the dress code enforced upon them, well that’s how it usually goes, maybe Jamie here just didn’t think about the dress code fact OR in this world there is no dress code! I mean come on there are people who can hack the very frabic of reality and priciabls(sp?) who can beat up people, this world is awesome and no dress code and stop that!!!

  14. Jamie

    @This is a name
    Funny you should mention Miles, we hear a little bit more about him on Monday.
    As for the M.I. Dress code; there is one but it only really applies to the lower ranks and at social events.

  15. One Rebel

    Let’s just hope crystal isn’t afraid of heights!

  16. Fairportfan

    Eyebrows? You call those piddly things eyebrows?


  17. Banish

    I was actually wondering about Miles too juat as I read that other comment haha. I had something awesome to say and then I lost it – sigh..

  18. Banish

    I remember! Poor Crystal not being made aware of plans… She looms traumatized; though she may well be used to Maxs methods by now, depending on how long theyve worked together =3

  19. zack

    good… bad…. im the one with the epic fists and last name….

  20. Skan

    ok you just KNOW that he’s going to jump out and land near/on jack then probably say “hi”

  21. Elkian


  22. Crestlinger

    He certainly seems certain on a certain course of action.

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