Page 53
January 9th, 2009

Page 53

Max Facepuncher is originally from a 24 hour comic I did last year called “So now I hate the moon” I’ll have to get around to giving it its own page around here.


  1. FANGIRL #1

    oh noes! not max facepuncher! Two characters that look like Jamie! 😛

  2. Kirk


  3. Kirk

    I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on it!

  4. Kirk

    Also needs more Crystal. [i]That[/i]’ll make me stop hitting on Angel.

    So I guess what he read about the sun wasn’t true.

  5. Craig!

    I like this Max fellow.

  6. Stray

    Same Here Craig Max FacePuncher FTW!

  7. Demented Kat

    Go, Max, go! Beat that arse into submission! Show him the almighty and totally win power of facepunching violence!

  8. Demented Kat

    Reaaaally really sorry to be double-posting here but I, like, just thought of somefink!

    That last panel is just begging to be slow-motioned!

  9. Craig!

    Seriously, I love that line.

    “My name is Max Facepuncher.”

  10. Banish

    Holy shit. Omg holy shit. No freaking way holy shit. THE MOON WAS A CYBORG! PUCHED IT WITH TWO HANDS!? This guy is a total badass! =p

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  19. newllend(voidSN)

    OK, what next a chick called Amy nutkicker comes in.

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