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December 8th, 2008

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  1. Lt. Fusion

    LOL, rip and tear…

  2. Kirk

    The moustache of authority!

  3. FANGIRL #1

    You sexist pig! …or, sexy pig!

  4. merks


  5. FANGIRL #1

    also I love the principal’s facial expression in the second last panel.

  6. Demented Kat

    ‘That’s ’cause them there’re likkle girlies!’ seriously dude, that’s what my mind translated those words into!

  7. JJang Jae

    Haha, power of authorities over trees…and all the other woodland creatures.

  8. Banish

    So we better respect it. Heh. Moustache. Dr.McN be proud of yer pappy. These are the early years.

  9. Biligum

    Hah! I’ve been trying to remember who the principal reminds me of, and yeah, he looks exactly like Dan McNinja would look… minus the ninja mask.

  10. Jamie

    It’s not the first time I’ve heard peoplee make that comparison, and it’s totally fine by me!

  11. Banish

    I jus love the weak save that Jack makes at the end, you know he went down a peg in their eyes right there haha

  12. K3v1n

    Everyone knows the trees go for little girls, especially old brittle “trees”

  13. killamantanna

    k3v1n i say … to you

  14. cwDeici

    There’s no shame in being little and a girl. Rather I find it strange that she would argue against it and that Jack would pretend they’re not despite scientific fact of 60% upper body strength vis a vis.

    Love the comic!
    Great casual plot and nice drawings (a bit off at the start with bendy arms, but improving fast)

  15. cwDeici

    And it’s an appealing cartoon style. I like the chord struck between realism and abstract that tends towards the visually attractive which is accentuated by the simple background style.

  16. cwDeici

    Eyes can be a bit too big sometimes, but also appealing in a very abstract way.

  17. daymon

    Well he did stand toe to toe with some stone fighters, still that’s a lot of strenght.

  18. US

    Lockwood obviously graduated from the Samuel L. Jackson School of Badassery.

  19. Tori

    Nice Doom comic reference. :)

    Liking this comic so far! The principal is pretty sweet.

  20. Crestlinger

    He never liked that tree anyway. Nobody forgets a branch to the face.

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