Page 40
November 24th, 2008

Page 40


  1. merks

    goddamm he’s got the crazy eye going and the face puncher logic

  2. Matt

    Will Max Facepuncher show up: “Jack, I am your father….”

  3. Banish

    Haha, echo nasal location. Sweet.

  4. killamantanna

    lol jack is very mean to nature punchin tinnels and hattin on trees is he a terrorist

  5. daymon

    I guess he talks very loud, or has a high pitch voice that can bug you from miles away.

  6. Creis

    “Oh, what, the underground thing? I just punched my way out”
    That’s my new favouritest phrase ever. Do you guys read Dr.Mcninja? Because that’s something his father would say.

  7. boga

    reminds me of kill bill

  8. littlebeast

    What is this, Minecraft?!

  9. kisame

    HURRAY FOR IMPOSSIBLE PHYSICS!… which isnt that diffrent from regular physics, its just looks like it is

  10. newllend(voidSN)

    Lick a badarse, DAMNIT now I’m boing it too.

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  12. The Dark Lord Skepticism

    In the words of the webcomic Dr. McNinja:


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