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October 10th, 2008

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  1. merks

    no love from the ladies?

  2. Ham

    Shame. Jack needs love too.

  3. Banish

    The plot thickens!! Zomog!! Moglins?

  4. killamantanna

    im hungry ps oh noes the magic nerd is pissed im so scared from the hair pulling threat

  5. SamB

    What I’m seeing is not at all inconsistent with love — they evidently do not want him to get hurt!

  6. CorvusCorone68

    from what I understand, he will get no love until Craig is done, whatever that takes; he stirred up a hornet’s nest, we’re talking regime change here; also, he’s gonna need a grappling hook and parasail, and i have been playing way too much Just Cause 2

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