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August 8th, 2008

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  1. Demented Kat

    great gods, not a hacker!

  2. Banish

    Bwa haha, hackers. Man I was into that years ago… But they can do some actual damage. Lets see what happens shall we?

  3. Milo Neuman

    I can’t over how accurate a homeschooler this kid is. I really can’t.

  4. killamantanna

    angel:he’s a HACKER!!1
    jack: oh noes!!1

  5. Paradox Bomb

    Are you sure he’s not a cracker?

  6. hintsofhints

    “like what, he’s going to try to hack me in two with his keyboard ?”

  7. PickyRicky

    Great work on the last three panels, but don’t you think it should be “What?”, rather than “What.”?

  8. Jamie

    No, no, it’s a flat what. <— like that.

  9. SamB

    Eh, he’s probably just a script kiddie!

  10. CyberSkull

    The term you are looking for is probably “script kiddie”.

  11. Joe Whitehead

    Could be worse… he could be the old school (err no pun intended) style of hacker that actually… invents _things_. The (ab)use of the word hacker makes the engineering type cringe sometimes.

  12. newllend(voidSN)

    Ooh oh no is he going to hack into my Xbox live account? Oh wait I don’t have an Xbox.

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