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July 25th, 2008

Page 5


  1. Nick

    I like the first five pages so far. I’m gonna give this comic a shot! How often do you update?

  2. Jamie

    Every Monday and Friday, good sir. :)

  3. Banish

    Heh, old man… Hes like what, 40 at most?

  4. killamantanna

    lol the dude looks 23 so hes kinda old already lol plus he is acting like a hippie

  5. SirPo

    23 is old…
    reminds me of a time a 17 year old told me i was old…

    …i’m 20 by the way

  6. MauveCloud

    I’m starting to re-read this webcomic today, and it seems a little weird for him to get a locker key. At least two of the three high schools I attended had combination locks on the lockers (not counting the gym lockers, where students were expected to provide their own locks)

  7. Nimm

    Lel this comic is awesome I’m re-reading it

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