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Friday — October 14th, 2016

Page 492

You’re late.

I know, I know; where have I been? I’m so sorry for the huge wait between updates guys. I’ve been hit with a lot of stuff recently, mainly from uni (which I’m finishing up this year!) but that’s only part of it. At this point the comic is a big ol’ passion project that I’m basically doing because I love it, however I’ve been suuuper burnt out on it lately and I’ve sat down to work on the comic multiple times only to walk away frustrated. Finally I sat down this week and was able to actually to produce something half decent! When will I update next? I’m not sure. I’d like to say in one weeks time, and I’ll do my best to achieve it!

Reflecting on the slow updates and the time it takes to make them, I’ve decided after this current story arc finishes I’ll switch to black and white updates. I might go back afterwards and colour those pages but honestly I just want to move the story forward, and this will cut my workload down a ~ton~

As always I’ll be posting update notices on my Twitter

and on the Fancy Adventures Facebook page

And hell, if you care about other things I do I’ve also go this Tumblr which I use for art

And this lets play channel or whatever.

And I was a guest on a Podcast recently!

Anyway, if you’re still with me after all this time, thank you. I love you. Let’s do lunch sometime.